Car parts abound

My last trip to the junk yard was the most successful yet.  I acquired all of the parts to complete the EFI system that I have planned for the 2002.  I found a very nice BMW 318i that provided the intake manifold and water inlet manifold along with a bag full of good hose clamps.  I did get the sensors, but I might end up having to order new ones.  I will test them to make sure they work.  I had to pass on the water bypass pipe as it was rusted too much.  Maybe I should have taken it so I could mock up a new one with copper pipe, but I would still have to pay for it and I didn’t think that was a good idea.


I also got the parts that I wasn’t able to get last time for the EDIS.    The VR sensor is a bear to get to.  I was lucky enough to find an Escort with the engine dropped out of it.  My advice to just search for an Escort with the engine dropped out.  Don’t bother with beating your self up trying to get to that sensor.  Trust me, I mean it.  Here is some other advice to those that are planning to shop at the local salvage yard for parts.

1.)  Take all size wrenches, sockets, extensions, and ratchets.

2.)  You will need a blade such as a pocket knife or a trusty Gerber multitool.  A wire cutter is a must as well.

3.)  When taking electrical components, don’t forget all of the pigtails.   I literally paid dearly for this as I had to go back for the pigtail and they charged me when it would have been included if I had it attached the first time.  Being honest was costly, but morally speaking….

4.)  It’s probably a good idea to collect all of the nuts and bolts that you removed in case you need them.  I take a few sandwich bags and try to group things together to make it easier to remember what went with what.

5.)  Take some thing that you can take notes with.  A sharpie works great!

I already have most of the components for the upgrades that I want to perform.  There are a few other things that I want to get, but they come from cars that are a little more rare.  I will continue to look for them and if anyone has some time on their hands and doesn’t mind looking through a bone yard, I will pay a finders fee for the parts the I am still looking for.  You can email me for a list. 


I know that most people would have got the car first before getting the parts, but this method is working well for me.  This is allowing me the opportunity to learn about the parts and prep them for use in the car.  Hopefully, this will make things go faster and easier once I have a car.  Only time will tell and I am still having a good time.





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