A dollar saved..

I consider myself pretty handy with a set of tools.  I have been rehabing a few of my power tools that I haven’t used in years.  I began with the drill press.  It was covered in rust and I wasn’t sure that the table was dialed in properly.  I picked up a box of refinishing pad and some rust remover from a local tool supplier.  What I wouldn’t give for a buffer!  

After that, I picked up a Craftsman 6″ jointer on Craigslist for super cheap.  The surface was true, but had surface rust.  The jointer is about 50 years old, but everything works perfectly.  I double checked the knife assembly and fence with a dial indicator and straightedge.  I again used the rust remover and applied paste wax to the bed.  I also had to built a cabinet for the machine to set on and house the motor.

With so much confidence at this point, I found a used table saw built by Rockwell.  Rockwell is now a part of Delta which builds great  machines.  The Rockwell saws have a great reputation and probably the reason why Delta bought them.  The example I bought looked to be in great condition.  The table top was clean and flat for the most part.  It ran well, but was missing a few parts that I new I could get from Delta.  We struck a deal and I took the saw home.  I felt some conviction because the saw didn’t have a wood splitter or blade guard.  For those that don’t know, a splitter and blade guard basically keep you from being hit by wood if a kickback occurs and keeps you from cutting your fingers off.  I contacted Delta and spoke with a rep who I provided the model number and what I needed.  She was able to tell me every part that I needed to get the splitter and guard for the saw.  I placed the order.  Within a few days, I received a call for parts pickup.  I was so excited that I would be able to use the saw.  The clerk rang up my order and it was more than what I paid for the saw itself.  With heart in throat, I took my bag of parts home and assembled the table for use.  I am still excited about using the saw and it works great, but not so much with paying a brand new price for a used saw at this point.  I put a dial indicator to the arbor and it could probably be replaced, but I will disclose that to the person who buys this saw next.

The next tool I picked up was a planer.  I found one online that I liked and called the distributor and placed an order for a brand new one.

It’s fun to refurb, but not when you are on a tight budget.  I am still looking for a bandsaw.  I have refurbed one inthe past and now that I have some experience from the table saw, I might consider a used one.


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